Sufficient anodes = prop colour?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Frosty, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Frosty

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    I have approx 3.5 kilo per side of anodes, one on the shaft +2 on the rudder bonded to the shaft and another hanging off a wire from the shaft pick up.

    They eat away at a resonable rate,-- shaft every year and the wire one every year.

    I have 2x 24 inch 4 bladers with stainless shafts.

    I think Ive got the right amount and Im happy with the errosion.

    I think its right because when I clean the props of barnacles I get a shiny surface underneath with out a real hard scrape, much better than before when I had but a few anodes, then it would be a dull matt finish that would need sand papering.

    Any connection between the correct anodes and the easy clean prop.

    Same marina. same place, same scraper and same old me.
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