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Discussion in 'Education' started by gub, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. gub
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    gub New Member

    Does anybody have some information or experiences to tell about these universities/Courses?

    Southampton Institute/Yacht and Powercraft Design

    University of Southampton/Yacht and Small Craft

    University of Strathclyde/Naval Architecture and Small Craft Tech.

    University of Newcastle upon Tyne/Small Craft Technology

    It is very difficult to get independend information to decide which would be the best place to go for studying naval architecture.
    Do you know anything about the education or reputation of these universities?

    Thank you.

  2. SailDesign
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    I went to the Southampton Institute, and have been gainfully (more or less) employed in the business for 25 years now. I would recommend it highly.
  3. Morgig
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    Morgig Junior Member

    I went to the Institute as well as three of the other 9 people working in our office. we have also had one guy from the university in southampton and another from Strathclyde is still working for us.

    I think the Institute gets a good balance between the theory and the pactical work, but it worth talking to all of them.
  4. yuwei
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    yuwei New Member

    I am studying Foundation for Engineering this year in the University of Southampton. I still have chance to choose where to go for undergraduate. So we are facing the same problem.
    As far as I know UoS is very mordern and good at research. Unlike other contracting departments, it has a big number of stuff and students, admiting 30 students annually to the undergraduate programme. I would recommand UoS now.
    Why dont you consider UCL? It's also excellent!
  5. Penfold
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    Penfold Junior Member

    from talking to friends of mine, some of which went to southampton, and others that went to Newcastle, the big choice for you is whether you want to work in small boat design like racing/cruising yachts, small commercial and leisure powerboats etc in which case you'd be better at either of the So'ton colleges... or commercial ship design/project management which Newcastle and Strathclyde are more focussed on.
  6. gub
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    gub New Member

    I just started at southampton institute one month ago. its now called solent university... it's really good so far, I ve made the right choice.
    youre right its more focused on small crafts, but I think you can go a lot of different paths after.
    there's a good mixture of theory and practical work (maths, mechanics, naval architecture, ydt, materials and marine engineering...). I think its more practical than at the other universities and southampton is a good place to start in the industry...
    thanks for your replies
  7. Lightning
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    Lightning New Member

    gub, Im in the third year of your course. If you have any issues or need any help PM me on here
  8. deeps
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    hi gub
    I hope to benifit a bit from your experience. you see ,I am also planning
    to change my career from a marine engineer to a naval architect. Well
    so far I have short listed Newcastle upon tyne university and the london university for an Msc. in Naval architect. I have no idea though which one is better, of course London is quiet expensive. Also if you have any info about
    their placement records or just an idea, roughly about what percentage succeed
    to procure a job right after graduation.. that would be a big help for me to take
    a decision.
    hope to hear from soon

  9. nico
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    nico Senior Member


    I did a BEng at Soton Institute, a MSc at Soton University and i am starting next month at Strathclyde, I think the choice really depends on what you want to do after:

    you want to be a small craft designer at the end of the 3 years, or you are really interested in yacht design: the Institute (or now Solent University)

    you want to be a naval architect, with a knowledge (small) in fea and/or cfd: Soton Uni.

    An indication that shows differences between the 2 are: the uni has some PhD and MSc students, and runs CFD codes (potential flow + Ranse)

    Concerning Strathclyde, i think their undergraduate courses are about ship design and management.
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