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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by kc135delta, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Kay9
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    wbcaptain at
  2. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Submarine buyers market is picking up?

    Cocaine-laden submarine sinks off Colombia
    Colombian cocaine smugglers scuttled a US-bound homemade submarine off the South American country's Pacific coast, Colombia's navy says.
    It is the second time in a month that Colombian forces, backed by the US Coast Guard, have stopped an underwater craft which was then sunk by its crew members to destroy their incriminating cargo.

    In both cases, the smugglers quickly opened the hatches to sink the vessels before they could be boarded by authorities.
    Both submarines had the capacity to ship 10 to 12 tonnes of cocaine to the world's biggest market.
    Colombia's navy has stopped 18 cocaine submarines since 2005.
    The multi-billion-dollar Colombian narcotics trade funds a guerrilla war in which thousands are killed and displaced every year.
    - Reuters
  3. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Has anyone tried approaching a navy vessel. Years ago I once rented a small sea scooter to go out about 1 mile and go look at the USS Enterprise that was anchored of Pattaya. It was bit choppy out there.

    However I dont know what this marine was shouting about but I am pretty sure he meant go away. There were other boats 60 foot or more discharging all kinds of stuff to a huge like dock they had on the back.

    This marine was getting very upset as I passed at the side of it but at least 600feet away.

    Recently--- well a few years bacK the USS Cole got blown up and very nearly sunk.

    I wonder how they would react today if you entered say New York harbour in an unidentified submarine. Its a hell of a way to commit suicide.

    Hey what about going into Pearl Harbour,---oh boy.

    You know at a time when terrorists are thinking better ways to kill Americans and America is on almost full allert to anything new do you really think submarine travel is the way to go.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    do you really think submarine travel is the way to go.

    A semi surfaced sub will have a yellow rotating beacon mounted on top of a high point. Might not scare too many.

    I would be more worried about being rammed by a commercial boat on AP with the usual lookout in the galley.

  5. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    Americans are not a gun happy as most of the rest of the world would like to think. You will get picked up though!
  6. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Too bad he didnt have an anchor to stop his drift into danger, but then I hear on good authority they arn't usually necessary on you average civilian submarine :)
  7. msbealo
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    Could we please have an update on how this submarine project is progressing? It seemed quite serious at one point before it left the forum.

    Any news?
  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    We used to get a good few serious US submarines anchored off Pattaya.

    They would contain a lot of men which sometimes could have an effect on the huge night life there.

    However some (I was told ) have to cut loose their anchors. Partially because of very good holding and partially because they just didnt have the boauncy to pull them up.

    Does this sound "plausable" to you boffins or shall I contact "Mythbusters"
  9. wellmer
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    wellmer New Member

    concrete submarine update

    The project of the 18m 200 ton submarine yacht is going well. We scheduled the raw hull building finish one year from building start. Due to some delays in the building permits we started December last year and we are on trek to a raw building end this year. So we are on time schedule, and we are also on budget schedule (331 euro/ton displacement).

    As soon as finished i will publish a couple of pictures.

  10. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Since when is there such a thing as "good holding" for an anchor of any kind???? ;)

    It is my understanding that the restrictions on passing near a US Navy vessel are: (1) If coming within 500 yards of the ship, maintain the minimum speed necessary to maintain a safe course, and follow any directions given by that ship's CO or patrol; (2) Never come within 100 yards of the ship without explicit authorization (call the ship on VHF 16 before approaching).


    Looking forward to those photos, Wil. 200 t / 18 m is a lot of submarine; I'll be quite impressed if you can meet the 331 euro/ton figure you quote as that suggests a hair over 66,000 euro for a 200t hull....
  11. chowdan
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    It seems they have the design done already and have already started building? Do we know when it will be finished?

    Could we get some design photos? i am very interested in what she will look like! Sooner the photos come the better!

    Maybe photos during construction would be great
  12. wellmer
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    wellmer New Member

    Give me a few weeks to finish raw building and roll it out of the Hangar for a photo session...

    see fotos of the prototype:

  13. wellmer
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    wellmer New Member

    Yes it is - it is a monster! - i am on a good course to impress you...:D

  14. bntii
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    bntii Senior Member

    Wellmer -

    I am very interested in this cruising concept but would like to know at what depth the 18m sub will operate when the snorkel is deployed. Further when cruising deeper, how long can a dive be sustained and what is the duration of the propulsion engine while submerged?


  15. wellmer
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    wellmer New Member

    Whale studies suggest that a submerged whale shape gets best locomotion efficiency when submerged at least to the depth of its diameter this would be 4,6m for the 18m yacht i am finishing in these days. Locomotion at this depth needs 5 times less energy than on surface. This is a cruising depth which is still in reach of a normal sized snorkel - so diesel running.

    Your question about engine duration suggests that what you have in mind is a diesel and a electric engine - like a military sub - you might consider that "disappear completely from surface - and then "get away under electric engine" is just a military need. On a submarine yacht you can run a long snorkel hose ( i tested that successfully with the prototype) - the hose on surface that "gives away your position" is no problem at all - you can also consider engine stop and drift diving as Ben Franklin.

    You can sustain diving for months - if you go for it - as Ben Franklin did - but this is not necessarily yachting fun.

    Basically my hulls are a "open concept" in Ians Boat there is room and float ability for 100 tons of equipment. - If you staff it with batteries (dangerous) you get quite a submerged range... If you staff it with diesel, corned beef and water you get quite a autonomy ... the idea is to give the owner the freedom to come up with his own personal brand of submarine yacht. Diesel electric, diesel only, green minded drifting...

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