stumpnocker2 rehaul

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by menzor25, Sep 26, 2011.

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    im in the very early stages of a rehaul on a 14ft stumpnocker. great boat got it for a steal just couldnt pass it up. i want to add a back deck, a push pole platform and have just a nice all around fishing boat, as i already have a boat im in no hurry so i would like to do this right. but my first step is getting the hull repainted and repaired. there is a few nicks and cuts where you can see the fiberglass that i would like to take care of and a couple more spots where it has been attempted to repair which were failures nothing seriouse though. after that i want to repaint the hull black. it wont be kept in water and will be stowed on a trailer. the hull is just faded and looks rough. so should i try stripping with chemicals or just get to sanding. and after that what? lol.
    is there anyone who can set me on the right path, maybe a link to similar project or some good advice. ive done a lot of reading and ive only confused myself a little more. it seems expierence is the best tool.
  2. tunnels

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    Why do you want to paint it black ??
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    Is the hull already painted or is the current color in the gelcoat (the top layer of the glass)? If it's painted then sand it down and repaint. If it's gelcoat you need to clean it well, fill any imperfections, (Don't use body filler or Bondo, use a good epoxy putty) and paint with a marine primer. Then paint black.

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    I own a 14' stumpknocker as well. Very stable and tows well. I use it as a tender. Epoxy and marine paint is fine. Use a good piece of marine ply for the platform or deck with juniper or cypress. Glass encapsulate the rear deck with epoxy and paint with marine paint and place nonskid in the paint. You bought a great boat!
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