Stuffing Box Packing Replacement

Discussion in 'Inboards' started by DSCMEARL, Sep 30, 2010.

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    DSCMEARL New Member

    I was wondering if there is anyway to replace the packing within my stuffing box without having to take my boat out of the water. I have a 32'Luhrs with 2 drive shafts. I also don't want to have gallons of water rush into my boat. How Much does it typically costs to haul the boat and replace the packing properly?
    Any help is kindly appreciated.
  2. WickedGood

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    Pease of Cake.

    Get a new piece of waxed Okum ready at hand

    Put on your mask & Snorkle and dive under the boat with a big handfull of Playdough.

    Shmear it all around the shaft hole with your fingers. Dont be afraid to use a lot!

    Just back in the boat.
    Crack loose the stuffing box nuts. pull out the old Okum and wrap in some new Okum. Titen down the nuts wicked tight. leve the jam nut loose.

    Start the engine and put it in gear while watching to see that yo have 1 drip per min comming thru. Adjust nut accordingly. Bring up the jam nut.

    Take the boat for a ride and check the drips again. Make adjustment. Check in a week to make shure your boat has not sank.

    If it has make adjustments.

    If your afraid of the water and your around Saco/Old Orchard Beach give me a shout, Ill dive in and do the job for a nominal fee


    and Oh, The fish will nibble off any remaining Playdough so you dont have to woory.
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    I have used a plastic bag with rags in it to keep water from coming in.
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    ...when making the rings for the packing, wrap the material around the shaft in a convenient spot, and with a razor blade, cut through (along the shaft line), this will make rings of the correct size, then place then so the gaps are 120 deg apart x3.
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    The clearences are not that great , water WILL pour in , but not a massive amount.

    The new Duramax or similar packing IS worth the high cost , as it can run cool with out the mandatory dripping underway.

    In addition to the angled packing pre fit , a piece of plastic pipe cut the long way makes it easy to push the first piece in hard enough to slow the inflow of water to almost nothing.

  6. sdowney717
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    I use the GFO marine packing. It is soft and seals much better.
    In the water, sure it will leak some. Take off the pack nut and see how much water comes in.
    wrap a rag around it.
    my pumps can keep up with it.

    I was reading recently to cut those GFO rings slightly bigger and perhaps at an angle to the shaft line.
    Dont cut on the shaft all the way threw, supposedly you might scratch the shaft.
    They are very soft. I remember just cutting parallel to the shaft and it worked fine.
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    I typically take a hammer and beat the packing a little flatter. Then measure and cut. By flattening the packing it will go in easier. With the water and tightening, it swells back up.

    Also, I've been able to just add packing from the inside as it wears out. I've never had to remove the old packing, but that is not to say that there is not a good reason to remove the old.

    ~ Michael

  8. gonzo
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    If you build up too much packing the threads won't be long enough. Otherwise, there is no problem.
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