Student regatta's : Build and sail. Overview needed

Discussion in 'Education' started by BTG YACHT DSGN, Nov 3, 2011.

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    BTG YACHT DSGN -sailing is believing-

    I'm a member of Warsaw University of Technology scientific club looking for interesting project to take part in together with my colleagues.

    I wonder if you could share your ideas of events similar to International Water bike Regatta 2012 (in Duisburg, ) or Solar Challenge ( ).

    Events where students build boats (veery likely SAILboats, but boats, in general, seem to be more pupular... :) ) and then compete with each other.

    Any ideas? Maybe you are participant of such event and know some more information.

    I would be very grateful for your thoughts :)


    WUT scientific club ,,Konstruktor"
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