Student getting ready for grad. seeks internship or entrylevel design work p/t

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by CgarciaDesign, Jan 2, 2005.

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    I am a student in Yacht Design looking for a prductive co. that needs fresh ideas with an estheticly sound background. I have sound experience with Cad and Rendering programs that produce fine results in design. This post is only for intern or p/t entry level work for design firms and/or boatbuilders.

    Arts High NJ - Art Major
    Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
    Yacht & Marine Design

    Training in:

    Technical sketches and Illustrations
    Space planning
    Color selection
    Computer drafting and rendering
    3d modeling
    Surface modeling
    Knowledge of materials and processes
    Specification sheets
  2. Paul Krier

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    SeaMaster Yachts

    SeaMaster Yachts of Ft Lauderdale has such oppurtunities. Check out and if interested call Paul @ 954 854 5955.
  3. CgarciaDesign
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    Still interviewing prospectives...

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  4. sunshine
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    Designer Candidate Required

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I received your information from the Internet and we are interested in your work experience .I'd like to introduce our company ,with this form letter we've been sending out.
    IAG Yachts Group Ltd., is a luxury motor yacht manufacturing company located in Shenzhen China, close to Hong Kong. We are a newly formed division of the International Audio Group with offices, sales and manufacturing concerns in six countries world wide. Please visit our website at
    We immediately require a certified Yacht Designer willing and able to relocate on a permanent basis to China.
    He or she will be well versed and competent in all aspects of Naval Architecture and Yacht Styling, and will be supported by a team of marine engineers and CAD draughts people under the direct supervision of the General Manager.The design team will produce detailed shop drawings and CNC files, later to be submitted to the shipyard.
    To round out our new design team, to assist the Yacht Designer described above, we require an additional 6 CAD people, and are willing to consider relative new comers to the yacht design industry, or recent graduates possessing exceptional abilities.
    Preference will be given to design bilingual candidates, who are able to make notations to their drawings in Mandarin as well as English.
    This is an exiting and solid career opportunity for the right people. The candidates will be able to produce drawings, 2D and 3D CAD work that will be drawn to industry standard, presented to and approved by the Classification Societies (eg., Lloyds). Please forward your resume, recommendations and contact information and expected salary at your earliest convenience to the email address below ,we will respond at our earliest possible convenience.

    Best Regards,

    Jiang Yuan Yuan (sunshine)
    Executive Assistant to GM
    Billy Baycroft
    IAG Yachts LTD.,
    Room 2310--2311 Press Building
    Shennan Rd. C., Shenzhen, China 518027
    Tel : +86 755 27483120
    E-mail :

  5. JR-Shine
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    JR-Shine SHINE

    We are looking for someone with your skills, check your email.

    Vero Beach
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