stuck with Cat-Powerboat design (c1 class) in CAD

Discussion in 'Software' started by Tjomme, Apr 29, 2008.

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    For school I need to build a scale model (max 1 metre) of a boat. With my projectgroup we decided that we are going to build a powerboat (like from -> 5000 version)

    Therfore Im trying to draw this boat I a 3d programm.
    I tried it in Solid Works en Solid Edge and Inventor, but neither of them worked out. Since I dont have any lineplan, I have to use a picture of the side, top and front of the boat to poject and then make some lines up out of that.
    This, ofcourse, didn't work out well.

    If there's anyone out here that does have a correct plan or even a 3d model, it would be great to get that!

    Since that didn't work, I am trying to figure out rhino(marine) to draw it in. Rhino doesnt have my preference 'cause I'ts rather a design programm then a technical drawing programm like Inventor, but at least it seems to work out a bit. I made a half-hull with the standard hullmodeller wich is very similar to the hull i would like to have.

    Since it is gonna be a multihull I'll need a part that keeps the 2 hulls from eachother. So my plan was to draw that part and then make it a surface.
    Now there's my point: When i want to draw a line, the line is constaint with the x-axis so I can't place the second point wherever I want to.
    Does anyone know how to stop the contraint with any axis?

    Does anyone here has a suggestion how to make the midde part between the hulls faster than by drawing and making a surface? Maybe using a solid, and/or does that have pro's and cons?

    Thanks for the help

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    everything has pro's and cons, boats no exeption and racing in peticular, i would draw the hull in freeship than take the drawing to another program
    inventor isnt a hull design program but i'm studying it so cant say to much about it but recall DIM used it for just about everthing in his gallery hulls included
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