Stripping paint from fiberglass

Discussion in 'Materials' started by jonvei, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I have a open 16ft boat that i will be converting to a bass/fishing boat. i will have to remove the old rotten wood in the transom and fiberglass over the new plywood, along with adding consoles and a transom well/platform to stand on while fishing. i was wondering what is the best method for removing the paint on the existing fiberglass where i will have to attach the new fiberglass. i read about stripping it with paint stripper but was wondering if it is safe to use on the existing fiberglass, or can i use a particle blaster that i have with my pressure washer using a media that wont destroy the fiberglass ?

  2. akcrabslayer
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    The only way i have found to remove paint from fiberglass is grind it off,i use a soft backed 8" pad with an 80 grit disc for big jobs,an a little 4" pad for hard to get at spots.
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    CDK retired engineer

    Use an alkaline paint stripper like Hempel 99540, let it do it's work, then blast the old paint away with your pressure washer and the grit gun.
    Use plenty of water to remove all the stripper residue and degrease with acetone.

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    Strippers do work, check the products in your area, the label should say if its safe to use on fiberglass/gel coat.
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