Stringer Replacement

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatboy21, Mar 17, 2013.

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    I have removed the floor and old stringers in a i/o conversion and have hit a snag. I have ground down the hull and replaced the two main stringers with ease but the issue is with the outside stringers. From the looks of it these have been replaced several times before due to the amount of build up and mangled mess of fiberglass. Instead of having to grind out 2" of old resin and fiberglass to get back down to the bare hull I was thinking of using cross braces instead. I would take 2"x12" fir and tie them in every 2' along the main stringers at 90deg. These would be tapered to match the dead rise and glassed in. Yes, this will add more weight which is not a huge concern for this project but will this take too much flex out of my hull? And will this be enough support to the hull if glassed to the dead rise and tied into the main stringers at 90deg? All answers are much appreciated
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    Just bite the reduce the amount of grinding,get a flush mounr arbour and diamond blade. These tools are made for cutting granite but i have found them very useful in the fiberglass industry. It will cost about $70.00 . You just lay it flat on the hull and cut under it. This blade can not be used with a guard.its pretty safe since the blade doesnt have teeth. And very effective. Just google 5/8 flush mount arbor to see what kind im talking about
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