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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by alanrockwood, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Suppose one is working up a design for a hard chine boat. Where the stringer crosses a hard chine there would be a discontinuity in the curve of the stringer. How does one handle that? It seems to me that you couldn't just bend the stringer to follow the hull line because of the discontinuity when crossing the chine.

    One possibility would be to cut the stringer into several pieces before installing it. Then make cross cuts in the stringers at just the right angle. Then weld the pieces back together and install. In theory this scheme could handle the discontinuity when crossing a hard chine, but it seems like a lot of work, and also due to welding distortions I wonder this scheme would result in a fair line.

    Can anyone enlighten me on this topic?

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    You can continue the stringer in a smooth bend to reach out to the shell after the chine.
    After this it is possible to fill out the space by welding a new bracket or profile between the hull and the stringer.
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