Strike 18 Trimaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by 2far2drive, Oct 13, 2014.

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    My build is going slow...

    I significantly modified the design of the cabin to make the cockpit larger. Here's a picture that's not quite up to date, but will give you a good idea of how I shortened and moved the entire cabin forward. It's still long enough to store the mast and main sail rolled around it, but that's about it. It will not be reasonably useable for sleeping or even really comfortably sitting in. Maybe to get out of the weather for a few hours at the most. I'm mostly a day-sailer and if I did spend the night I'm intending to have a nice boom tent and flat deck to sit over the cockpit area.

    I also decided to make a few other changes to speed the build. I decided to go with telescoping beams rather than folding. It's fast and easy. I may cut them out and replace with folding beams later, but I want to get this project out of my garage. I was on the fence of scrapping the project due to how much time it's taking, so anything to make it faster is my goal right now. I also bought a set of Nacra 5.2 hulls to use. I have the plan built floats as well. They are completed to the point of being complete shells with bulkheads, but still need significant work before being ready for paint. The Nacra hulls need some minor repairs and are ready to use. For this reason they are going to save a bit of time. I will probably finish up the plan build floats later. The profile is pretty similar between the two. The Nacra hulls are deeper, but slightly narrower. I think net buoyancy is probably very similar.
    I built my own centerboard and it's ready for final fairing. It's pretty close. The rest of the centerboard trunk etc. is all sorted out and ready to go. The rudder is a Dotan assembly I bought a year or so ago, so that's ready to go.

    I still need to weld up the forestay tang and set in place. I'll probably also add a spinnaker pole that folds off to the side, but that may go on at a later date. I also have yet to build the mast step. I'll weld one out of aluminum. I have the parts, just need some time to work on it.

    I'm trying to source all the final parts. I have a Nacra 5.2 main sail and a mast, but i still need a jib and asym up front. I still also need to find some various other parts like a traveler. I've been looking for just the right parts boat, but since sailing isn't a big thing around me there aren't many to choose from. I've been hoping to find a good used set of F18 sails that are retired from racing but would still be good sails for my little boat. My mast is 29' so I think they'd be about right. Otherwise I'm pretty close to being ready for paint and then final assembly. Maybe another month and I'll be ready to paint.

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    Just a addition to Jet boys post I believe Fran Sneesby (Ray Kendricks partner?) was working on a cuddy cabin version of the Scarab 650
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    FWIW, it's super simple to adjust the cabin to your liking in the design. I could very easily have made it 6" or 12" longer or moved fore or aft to my liking. I think my boat is far enough outside of the plan that I really shouldn't call it a Scarab 18 anymore. I think overall the cabin is probably pretty comparable to my old Venture 17.

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    sorry I never got back to you.

    the boat still is not sailing. it has been a combination of **** going on and lack of willpower to finish up. I fought an epic 3 month fight with the original Nacra 5.2 rig. See the strike has the large windscreen fwd that the mast ride on, thus making lifting the mast a little precarious. couple that with a back injury and Im forced down the gin-pole route. Well, as I learned the hard way, the nacra rig must be laying on its side, locked to the mast step (ball) and raised with it still sideways and can be released to spin back to normal once it is erect.

    I had too much money, time, some blood, sweat and yes, even tears to re-invent the wheel, spend another couple hundred to try an a-frame mast raising system like patzfran uses on his tremolino. I tried many many things to get a gin pole working correctly and while I could have raised it a few times, it was very precarious and probably wouldnt have lasted long. couple that with a wallet size dent in the sidewall, i decided to abandon the rig.

    I recently bought a hobie 18 mast that raises normally, fore and aft, like you would think a mast should because it hinges properly. overall, its a better mast anyways and for $150, im kicking myself for not going this route from the very beginning.

    Now, if I can get things to settle down, Ill get it all put together and finally get this boat rigged, finish the motor-mount, get the sails recut and go f******* sailing.

    I still love the design and support from Richard is top shelf. Ill be the first to admit, Im not an engineer and dont pretend to be. I hate engineering **** sometimes and a problem that may take you guys a few days takes me 2 weeks with my blooming career and non stop learning to keep that on track. just not enough thinking/brain time anymore to keep all these hobbies flowing smoothly.

    one day, it will sail.

    your scarab looks very nice and I commend you for such a build.

    perhaps I should trim my hobby inventory and settle for one or 2 things and hit them hard.
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