storm sail on older trimarans

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by seandepagnier, Jun 5, 2023.

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    seandepagnier Senior Member

    I have a kraken 33 trimaran from 1973. The storm sail seems unusual.

    There is a chainplate inboard of the normal forestay I believe for the storm sail.

    There is a halyard that exits the mast above the lowers. Is this "halyard" maybe actually just a spinnaker pole topping lift and the storm jib is raised from the mast head with a regular halyard? If not, shouldnt the halyard exit the mast at the level of the lowers rather than 6ft higher?

    Either way, does it make sense to have a storm jib without hanks? stormsail.jpg
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    Does it have a wire luff? A stormsail without a stay would need one and you'd want it backed up by running backs. I'm wondering if it is more of a Spinnaker staysail?
    Seems like the sailplan is on the forum somewhere and members who have the boat can pitch in.
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