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    Hi, I already have a thread on the powerboats forum "I would like help with a 38-45 foot trawler design" So from this design criteria I do like several full displacement designs Such as Tad,s schooner , George Buehler’s designs like the 41 plus Duck, Bruce Roberts’s designs and like the PFC 40 and Michael Kasten’s designs and like the Great heart 38, 48 and the Gulliver 46.

    Most of these building plans are stock plans that I am pretty happy with except for one detail. I only think Bruce comes with full size paper paterns. Now if most stock designs are using maxi serf, autocad, rhino or similar software you should be able to tranlate the parametric 3d model to a 2d plate layout for printing. so why do they make you have to re-loft it? This just leads to introducing errors in fairness and fit. So why do they offer only the offset tables in thier building plans and then go to the really expensive nc pakage? If you have the full size patters or plate layout for cnc, why not have the dwg, available at full scale for printing or send them in mylar?

    I am very comfortable with autocad 2002 and inventor 5.3 having been trained for 2 years at BCIT, a certified autocad training center. I can also g code. I usually take an autocad drawing and I either manually g code or use software like mastercam8, 9 for cnc lathe or milling work. I know what is involved. There is of course more labor incured into nc coding and that labor translated into a higher cost for the cnc files. But the original dwg's could contain the plate developement or full size patterns without further work of putting the paths and tooling.

    CNC is nice but some people/ designers are quoting up to $20 000 for the nc files besides the building plans. As a professional journeyman welder , I can buy alot of steel, grinding discs for that money. Hell I could buy a nice brand new plaz, a new portable welder , and enough zip discs to totally eliminate the slag from oxy/acet! I would however like see a resonable price of say $2500 to $3500 for the nc codes for labor savings. Even at my rate of pay I could almosts work a full 2 weeks on the cutting alone and come around the 3500 dollar mark so I think this is fair.You have to spread the cost of coding out amongst many builds so I would not advertise as much "stock plans" and go for more custom designs where a very rich person can develop a nich or specific design for him/herself. If it has broad appeal then mass market it as stock plans. But reduce the cost so the profit comes from many affordable boats being built. Afterall doesnt a design company like a large portfolio of completed projects instead of a few?

    After a long winded rant, I was wondering who offers full size patterns with thier building plans? As for me I can take or leave the nc files but I really would like to see the full size mylar or paper plate layout. or the dwg's of them. So is there stock plans out there besides Bruce who has full size patterns? Can you guys help me out? Thanks ;)

    PS, I don't meen to offend any company/ designer this is just what I have been experiencing in my quest for a design, as a working man, with a working man's wage but with industry specific(Welding, millwrighting, mech enginering) skills. 1036 days to retirement and then onto my build. Sooner if I win the lotto!
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