Still Struggling With Some Basic Fiberglass Stuff - Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by CatBuilder, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. CatBuilder

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    My rudders are now ready for lamination.

    Only problem is, I don't understand how to do it.

    The plans call for two layers of 17oz (600g) triaxial that are "carried over the
    top" of the rudder.

    They also specify several layers of 6oz cloth on the leading and trailing edges,

    I have no idea how to put this laminate in a bag and infuse it. I don't
    understand how to lay the triaxial down and where to end it.

    The trailing edge of a rudder is pretty sharp. What do you do there? If you
    lump a bunch of 6oz cloth of it, you will build it up to a thicker piece.

    Also, where do you begin and end the triaxial lamination that goes "up and over
    the top" of the rudder? Do you start at the top and wrap it around the bottom,
    doing an overlap at the top? Do you start in the middle of the rudder, doing an
    overlap in the middle and having a single laminate with no overlap on the top
    and bottom?

    Do I just put the rudder in between a couple of pieces of glass like a sandwich,
    leaving all the edges sticking out and grind those off?

    The rudder also tapers from the top to the bottom, which complicates this.

    Where do you begin and end the cloth that goes on the leading and trailing edges
    and now much does it overlap with the triaxial, if at all?

    This is very *very* confusing to me since I don't understand how to do the
    laminate. The plans say, "carry triaxial over top of rudder" and "use 6oz cloth
    at a thickness to match the rest of the triaxial on leading and trailing edges."
    For a beginner like myself, I have no idea how to make those two things happen

    Can anyone suggest a method to do this? What did you do with your own rudder?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Two seperate questions for CatBuilder:Have you any vacuum bagging experience?Do you think it might be a good idea to do some practising on a component a bit less critical to the safety of your boat,to begin with?
  3. CatBuilder

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    Yes, lots of experience. I have an entire 45' hull up already.

    My question, though possibly not clear enough, is about how to lay the glass out. The plans did not make sense to me, but I figured it's because it's my first build.

    I can't understand what purpose that 6oz cloth on leading and trailing edges has.

    I would imagine I just wrap triax from trailing edge, around leading edge, back to trailing edge to meet, overlapping at the top and bottom.

    The 6oz cloth escapes me.
  4. michael pierzga
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  5. CatBuilder

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    Ah! Just saw that as well. Thanks, Michael!

    I see the orientation they use at Phil's foils and I'll do the same, meeting at the trailing edge.

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