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Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by 10tonvinyl, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys just posing the question but what is your opinion on decals, I have a cutter and been long interested in the boating industry and kind of only really put two and two together recently to maybe do some decals for some fellow boat enthusiasts. Just curious if there is an interest in this or not on the forum?
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    Assume you mean swoopy stripes and all that sort of thing.

    You likely have thought of this already-make up nice brochures with sample pix of what you can do and go talk to all the boat dealers-the sales manager and business managers.
    Show them they can get it from you at $x dollars and upsell the customer for $xx dollars. Show them they can make money.
    Offer to do up a small boat for free.
    Make sure your stuff is UV tough and will stay stuck on.

    Talk to detailers, etc. Hang up info at marinas etc.
  3. 10tonvinyl
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    thanks for the pointers some definate solid advice!! Im also thinking of helping people on the forum who are building thier own boats, maybe less of the swooshy line kind of stuff and more of the personalization with the naming graphics etc, stuff that gives the boat a bit more of a personal touch. Not to mention id rather just goto you guys than some sales middleman. Which brings me back to the question, is thier a need fir this with you guys?

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    There is a decent market for this in insurance repairs and higher end rebuilds of classic plastic. A friend rebuilt a '69 Willy Roberts 18' flats boat for a customer and spent about $800 on a complete set including hull numbers. It's a lot about gathering the artwork for the old boats that are in your area. In Florida, there were enough to make a decent living doing this. On the other hand, I think I paid about $79 bucks for a custom vinyl name for my sailboat (girlfriend was an accountant, I looked it up). It was a slow day at the printers and she must have spent a couple hours cleaning up the art and scaling stuff, and the machinery ain't cheap either. The job must have taken at least four hours all totalled, we were in her shop for an hour looking at samples etc.
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