Stepped hull

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by micael, Mar 13, 2002.

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    Steeped hull

    I need som help regarding Patent

    I for some time now tried to identify what I can do or not on the hull design. My goal is to design a steepd hull and I have found som patent's on it. As i can understand this type of hull is from the beginning of 1900 so it should not be protected by som patent's at this time. Correct me it I'm wrong

    So my question is ... does anyone know about this .. can I design a standard two steeped hull whitout getting problems with patent's. I haveing a hard time interpret the patent's so if anyone can help me i would be glad.

    Following patent's I have been looking at US patent 5,422,676 and design patent Des.359,941

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    Stepped Hull Design

    Sure you can make a stepped hull as long as you do not drift into a patent. Example~ There are more patents on toasters and pens ytet there are always new companys, and styles coming out. A patent can never prohibit the being of competition of a product that is in order to prevent monopolies. And in ever patent there is a loop hole. One that happened not to long ago was Harry Schoal~(typo) vs. Regal check up on it.

    Hope I helped! :D
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    Here is a related thread on the Regal case:

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of preserving design freedom while at the same time protecting truly unique ideas from copies and thus the ability to make an income from design work in its own right. A difficult issue, but seeing how many powreboats today have the typical two step, I don't think you'll have any problem, though maybe a bit of leg work will be requried to make sure you don't get into trouble if the project is large enough.

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    Hi !

    Thanks for you reply !

    I will look into this and see what I can get out of this. I know that Regal has a good solution and also Ocke Mannerfelt. I have been in contact with him and I hope to meet him in the neer future to discuss my project, when I have something to present to him.

    The resone I'm interested in this kind om desig is that we will have a bigger focuse on the enviroment in the future. And one of the benefits with this hull design is that we need less power to reach the same goal. ( sorry for my English)

    My goal is to find a solution that can be as environent friendly as possible for a DC design.

    I'm aslo working with a design of a replika from the 40th. A 8.5 meters "forsludare" that I have on my backyeard. That one I can tell you is a great design from one of Swedens best designer and boat builders. My boat is from the 40th and still si in mint condition ón the hull. ( the deck needs to be change)

    I'm welcomming all information I can get in this area, it's always difficult regading patent's.

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