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    Dear seniors,

    i am naval architect with experience most in offshore installation. 7 years in naval arch and 3 years in structural eng. And like most of employee, i also want to become my own boss. in naval architect field, the possibility i heard is marine consultant. what actually is marine consultant? what the skill set and number of experience needed before you able to start your own marine consultancy? any other step needed? like should i move to marine warranty survey first?

    Thanks for any advise from senior.
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    A consultant sells his knowledge to those who need it. In short, you need to become a salesman in addition to your existing skills. However, like with any sales, you need to find out what makes you stand out. It can be a particular set of skills or knowledge that is uncommon. It can be that your prices are lower or service is better. Keep in mind that in this field there is a lot of competition. Can you match the service of the large design offices? For example, consider if you can afford the cost of software.
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    I do not know where your advice is going to stop but the acquisition of software should not be considered as a cost but as an expense, unless it is a software only valid for a certain project and in that case it could be charge as a cost to that project.
    The software, in general, allows to reduce the deadlines, ebbs errors and useless repetitions and, consequently, reduces the costs. Buy software, te correct one, even if you think you can't afford it.
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