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  1. phoran34
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    phoran34 New Member

    I have a older Renken 20. attempting to steer after putting in waater I was unable to turn the wheel. It seemed fozen. Any solutions other than replacing the tela cable ?
  2. Obsession
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    Obsession Junior Member

    I'd replace the cable.

    I've heard of people having success freeing and pressure injecting grease into the cable to get a year or two additional service from it. But for $125 I'd rather have a steering cable that will be trouble free and smooth for another 10-15 years.
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  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Repairing a steering cable is stupid to be frank. It will seize again, and if you are unlucky causing an accident. However, have you made sure that the motor turns? The shaft may be seized. Disconnect the steering at the front of the motor and try to turn it.
  4. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    Cut off the old cable and install a Brand New Teleflex Sea Star Hydraulic steering system.

    I have a nice new Helm & Piston Ill let you have Cheap!
    Just $800.

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  5. J3
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    J3 Junior Member

  6. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    Teleflex SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kits (Sea star hyd. 16') (Teleflex)from $1,299.99

    Oh You must Mean that you did not READ all the way down the advertisment until you found the same kit.

    aTeleflex SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kits (Sea star hyd. 16') (Teleflex)from $1,299.99

    No. Hoses are Not included with the ones Im selling. I bought it to use on a 44 ft boat with triple engines and needed to run 50" custom Hoses.

    Sold the boat before I got around to building the flybridge steering station,, Soooo,,,''

    Heres the Specs.

    Its a Wicked Good Deal! at Just $800.

    Teleflex SeaStar steering .TEL HC5348 Seastar Hydraulic Steering Cylinder,

    BRAND NEW:Helm Tel Part# HA5418.

    Helm and cylinder is designed for single and twin non-power assisted outboard engines up to 600HP. .up to 60 MPH

    Outboard Front Mount OMC 1990 & Older and other large outboards

    BRAND NEW: $800 for both
  7. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    Emm: Replacing the whole boat?
  8. J3
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    J3 Junior Member

    What makes the Renken 20 such a bad boat in your opinion?
  9. J3
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    J3 Junior Member

    Your post above didn't state the model you had. I still don't believe your solution is necessary by a long shot, unless the OP has a desire to spend more of their money on what could be a very small simple project.

    P.S. do you have enough experience with the teleflex hydraulic kits to know that the smaller model is poor? I can't imagine the OP has anything over 300 hp on this small boat... I bet half that.
  10. HakimKlunker
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    HakimKlunker Andreas der Juengere

    :) It was no statement against this type :)
    But quite often a repair (or replacement of parts) is in no relation to the overall value - especially when the boat is of relatively small size.
    Just imagine to trade in your present boat; add the costs for the spareparts - which you would have spent anyway - and in return you would be able to come out with something slightly larger, better, newer or whatever.
    This is the economic approach. Of course the case is different if your heart beats for ONLY THIS boat. But then, new parts will be worth it, right?
  11. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Hydraulic is the way to go !!

    After running with cable steering for years and then changing to hydraulic its the best thing i have done .
    I have a 14 foot semi cabin boat with a 115 yamaha and i can steer it with one finger now in any situation or speed . Its fantasic and i am completely hooked . Its almost the same as the one the guy wants to sell . I bought the kit that had everything with it . Even the bleeding was simple to do and is really easy .
    I recomend it !!:p
  12. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    These pitures are of what i have .
    I replaced the old 70hp omc outboard 20in with a 25in yamaha 115 Vee 4
    Was time for a transom rebuild anyway so i chopped the lot off and made a complete new and improved transom that gave a lot more room inside the cockpit for fishing .
    The hydaulic steering was a good choice to keep everything neat and tidy and compact , only thing out the back of the boat is the motor .
    i did have to make a special base for the steering pump to be mounted on as the wheel as to low and needed to be raised a little and a slightly differant angle .
    All the fixings are a part of the unit and has nylock nuts and washes behind under the dashboard out of sight .

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  13. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    ...the original poster has not been back, but may have been scared off by the costs......hard to spend $1000 instead of $100 whatever the reasons......

    ...just replace the cable mate, and then look after what you have.

  14. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    We have "TRADE ME" , an our online auction site (like ebay )and i found the complete kit listed on there , was only a little over $550 nz dollars Brand new still sealed up in its box !! Ram ,pump, hoses and oil plus all the fittings and uts ans washes etc etc . !!:D
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