Steel sailing boat, some thoughts...

Discussion in 'Stability' started by eiltrenova, May 3, 2011.

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  1. eiltrenova
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    eiltrenova Junior Member

    I have come across an abandoned steel sailing monohull in a boat yard and am trying to evaluate whether it is worthwhile investing time and money to put it back into sea.

    I am most interested if anyone knows who could have made the plans? It is roughly LOA 29" with a beam of ca. 9"

    I would also appreciate if anyone could give me any idea of what I should do in order to establish whether this is a good sailing boat. Are there any specific coefficients and parameters I should be considering before doing anything with it? For example in relation to stability, speed...etc

    I attach links to some videos I made






    Whilst this seems a dream of a lifetime coming true all your help is very much appreciated. As I don't have a home this could become my new home!!!

    Many thanks,

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  2. DCockey
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    You might have better luck with this question in the "Sailboats" sub-forum. You can either repost their and delete this one, or you can move this thread. To move it click on "EDIT" below your message. When the page refreshes there will be a box labeled "Thread Tools" in the bar above the messages. Click on that box which drops down a menu. Then in the "Moderation Tools" section click the circle next to "Move Thread" and chose Sailboats as the destination.
  3. pdwiley
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    Some of us have limited bandwidth. I have a satellite connection for example. I don't even try to look at youtube movies.

    It would be better to post some reasonable resolution still photos.

    Finding out who the designer was would be a good first step.

    The steel boatbuilding sub-forum is the other place where you might get good feedback.

  4. eiltrenova
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    eiltrenova Junior Member

    many thanks to PDW and DCockey for invaluable advice


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