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Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by mikeskip, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Good Day,

    we are open for proposals for building your Steel Yacht.
    Sail or Power!

    We are located in Dubai and have extensive tools for steel fabrication of all sorts and can build up to 30 meter length!

    Gantry cranes available and we have four 6 g Welders( all certified) and 20 labour in total.
    Design software and mechanical engineers are available.

    We are waiting for your proposals!

    Best regards,

    Chrystal Marine
  2. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    thats wonderful!
    can you please post pics of all the yachts and ships you have made, that would be great
  3. Arvy
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    Arvy Senior Member

    lol lazeyjack
  4. mikeskip
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    mikeskip Junior Member

    ...LOL, funny comment. If we were there already I woudn't post it.
    But we have the workshop, tools ( Mig, tig, Arc, shearing machine) and qualified welders.
    So we are open to any proposal and as a matter of fact, we did our first monohull refit and repair and pictures are available.
    So if you have any project you look to have executed, we have the facilities and can build up to 30m in length...and rest assured, we wouldn't need to compromise on quality. Next big factor...our workshop is 15 meters away from the sea and are located in a Free Zone, hence no taxes to be considered.

    If there is any senseful comment or approach, I would highly appreciate your answers!


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  5. lazeyjack

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    sorry, we get a lot of fantasys in here
    well, seems you a re doing it, dontt like the lobster back effect on the lower beltings corner, very workboat stuff, or the lack of ss faces on the beltings, details which can be fixed in future and these comments are not meant to KNOCK your efforts, but please amail me if your yard can find very good woodworkers
  6. Wynand N
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    Steel Fabrication Software

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  8. apex1

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    have a closer look

    The looks are really substandard:( :( like lazey mentioned.
    The tax exemption for exported yachts are almost worldwide standard !
    But........ I am in Dubai next week and you may show me some better examples of your ability!?
    If you still watch this thread feel free to PM me and provide a valid e mail add. I´ll contact you.:)
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