Steel Dutch Seahawk 8,8m opinions-Jahtbouw Noord Nederland

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by maro79, Jan 27, 2011.

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    This is my first post, I don't know if this is correct place to ask.

    I bought a boat last weekend in holland(1500euro). I hope to use it for low cost cruising and exploring mostly in tropics. This is my first boat. It was all time in sweet water, has only two owners. Doesnt have any typical sea equipment.
    Thats why i don't know if it's good for big trip.

    I would like to know if the hull construction is good for blue water crusing, is it strong and safe. Should I modify something?

    Here are pictures

    I will attach pdf files from previous owner maybe someone else will search for Seahawks from Jahtbouw Nord Nederland (I didn't find enything).

    Do you have any information about this yachts, designer ?

    Jahtbouw Nord Nederland, Sappemeer
    J.B.Hoogland - Designer ??

    View attachment seahawk jahtbouw noord nederland.pdf

    View attachment Farymann marine diesel engines manual.pdf

    Marek, PL
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    yipster designer

    looks a nice boat with some work but a bergain, here is one thats asking 10 times more
    talk with last owner, the builder and have it hauled out, if its your first boat better have it checked
    sail and motor around to know what you got before taking it to sea and the tropics ;)
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    I am not totaly happy yet, I didn't really checked what I bought. I have to check hull thickness and hope to get some confirmation regarding construction.

    If it will be good base start than I will for sure prepare the boat for long trip I have minimum 9 months and all free weekends.


  4. troppo1
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    I have the same boat but in a motorsailer version.
    The worst spots for a thin hull are along the stringers in the middle of the boat and along the floor where the concrete ballast meets the hull.
    I have cut out a few places and welded in new strips, all 4mm and very easy to do.
    As for seaworthyness: the boats were built around 1974 for sailing on the Isselmeer( great lakes) and there are no frames( cheaper in those days)
    Yours will be solid enough because you still have the steel bulkhead from the cockpit stiffening up the middle of the boat, but because there are no frames and only stringers it will hog a bit in heavy weather, so welding in a frame next to the toilet bulkhead, the anchor well fwd and aft at the end of the cokpit( if needed) will stiffen the boat up heaps.
    I have only a wooden bulkhead at the doorway and it aint connected to the hull, and I have raised the mast hight and sail area to make her sail as fast as she motors( 6kts motor and 6 kts sail easily in 16kts wind.
    But in heavy weather she tends to hog and twist a bit, no wonder hey..
    I will also be welding in 3 frames before taking her out on the nth sea again, but have already sailed her to belgium and up the coast but stay in above 20knots wind.
    website for more pics:
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