'Steel Boat Repair and Maintenance' Has anyone read this book??? Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by oliverj, Dec 2, 2012.

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    After reading a bunch of posts that are similar to my own steel boat project, I kept seeing this guy Scott pop up to hawk his book. He would say things like "this topic is covered extensively in my book 'Steel boat bla bla bla". Anyway, I just ordered it, 'Metal Boat Repair and Maintenance' by Scott Fratcher and am having no luck finding any reviews other than what's on the authors lulu page.
    Has anyone else read this book and what are your thoughts (methods, materials, etc..)???
    Reason for asking is... I don't want to read the book and run with it if his advice is not sound. Thank in advance for any input.

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    I bought a copy a couple years back. IIRC the advice was ok, it was based on what he had to do to keep his own boat sailing.

    Quite a bit of what he says is based on the tools & skills he had to work with so his way certainly isn't the only way to do stuff.

    You'd do well to ask specific questions with applicable photos on this forum. I've always got excellent advice by doing that. I tend to distrust anyone who just says 'buy my book' rather than offering advice, FWIW. If they're really good they'll tell you stuff and that'll encourage you to buy the book to learn more, not the other way around.

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