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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by rapscallion, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. rapscallion
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    rapscallion Senior Member

    I currently own a Laser 28 and sail it on the great lakes, but a career move may require me to keep the boat in a shallower lake. I was trying to find a trailer launchable, fast cruiser with a retractable keel, sprit and standing head room.

    Someone told me to look into a stealth 8m, but I'm having a hard time finding info on the boat. Anyone know anything about the boat?

    And how hard would it be to fit my laser with a retractable bulb keel?

    (I just faired tha damn thing too...)
  2. CT 249
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    Contact Allyacht Spars in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

    Full carbon makes it very expensive but ooooohhhh wow is it quick. It used to be quicker than the Mumm 30s despite having more accomodation, and is fully competitive with the Julian Bethwaite 8m designs with zero accomodation.
  3. Doug Lord

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    Just had to ask: why would you want a bulb keel on your Laser?
  4. rapscallion
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    rapscallion Senior Member

    I love the boat. The performance combined with a functional interior is perfect for my cruising and racing needs, but a new job may force me to move from the great lakes to a shallower lake. A retractable keel would make things easier. I would love it if the boat were trailer launchable, and able to go in shallow water.

  5. tspeer
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    I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but if the boat you have isn't suitable for where you're going, you should sell it and buy whatever they sail there. Your boat is well-suited to where you sail now, so it will bring a good price from another sailor in your area. If you radically modify the Laser, you will destroy its resale value and you're likely to end up with a boat that may still not be well-suited to the new venue. You won't be able to get rid of it, and you won't be able to buy the boat that you could enjoy. If you care for the Laser, leave it in the hands of someone that will care for it, too.

    I would contact the local sailing clubs in the area. Go to their meetings if possible. If you're in the area on business, stay over a weekend and crew for someone, even if you're not into racing with the 28. As an experienced skipper, you'd be very welcome as racing crew, and you'll not find a better way to get to know the local waters, sailors, and classes.

    When I moved to my present locale, I didn't know a single person - but I was sailing 4 out of the first 6 weekends I was here, and made friendships that have lasted a decade. All I did was go to a chandler, pick up the local sailing rag, and look through the classifieds for club meetings. The sailcraft I brought with me still sits in the garage and hasn't been out for many years.

    So take your time, sail a number of different boats, buy locally, and you'll end up a much happier sailor.
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