Staysail for Freedom 33 sailboat

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Freedom 33, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Freedom 33
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    Freedom 33 New Member

    Hello to everyone:

    My wife & I own a Freedom 33 built in 1981 (Hull # 36) with conventional booms. We are sailing the Lake Michigan out of Waukegan, Illinois.
    It has all the hardware for a staysail between the main and the mizzen mast. I would like to know if I could re-work our old main sail into a staysail but I have no idea how it would look like and how to operate it.
    I believe that this could be a good solution for a storm sail.
    Maybe there is someone out there who can help.

    Klaus Gruner
    1275 Broadway Ave
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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  2. Timothy
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    Timothy Senior Member

    The provision for a stay sail is actually for a drifter that tacks to the windward rail and sheets to the mizzen boom end . It is only useful in light winds and for off wind sailing and so is made very full and of very light sail cloth. I think your mainsail would be to heavy and not large enough. I under stand that there was an optional blade staysail that was of heavier cloth and a flatter cut that could be used in stronger winds and up to a beam reach. Possibly you could have your old mainsail re cut for this purpose.
  3. Freedom 33
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    Freedom 33 New Member

    Thank you Timothy,

    I gues I was totally disinformed. But I love my Freedom 33 (The True Love) anyway, even without stay sail or staysail.
  4. David Drage
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    David Drage New Member

    Hello Klaus,

    I'm hoping you're still enjoying your Freedom 33. I have recently acquired a Freedom 33 and am looking on information on how the mizzen sheet runs to the boom and then to the winch. If you have any information or pictures regarding this it would be most appreciated if you could shed some light on this topic.

    Best, David

  5. Will Gilmore
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    Will Gilmore Senior Member

    I have sailed, very briefly, aboard my father's Freedom 44 a couple of times, but I am not very familiar with it. However, looking at the images, I don't know why you couldn't run a halyard off the mizzen masthead to hoist a stay sail tacked to just above the gooseneck of the main boom. You could sheet a 90 percenter to blocks on the aft quarter toerail and achieve a CE very near the designed CE of full sail.

    Unless you also set your mizzen, you shouldn't exprience any change to the helm that would be too excessive. Recutting an old main might not be the best way to make a storm jib, as it would be stretched out and have too much camber, but it could be done.
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