Staying in marina with self-made boat

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Tchamo, May 1, 2019.

  1. Tchamo
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    Tchamo Junior Member

    Hi... I'm planning to a build a cruising sailboat, and being able to stay in a safe marina is one of the most important things...
    Someone told me that in some countries the marina won't accept selfmade boats, is that true? and how about insurance?
  2. rwatson
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    Some Marinas expect you to have a few million dollars of Third Party Insurance, for say, when you burst into flames next to a million dollar yacht. It might cost you a few hundred dollars a year.

    Many Insurance Companies wont insure self built/designed boats.

    So, yes. You heard right sort of.
  3. JamesG123
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    Also some marina owners are hesitant to rent out slips to people who are "characters" that will bring them problems, and who's boats might be perceived as "eyesores" and reduce the marketability of the rest of their facilities to people with more means.

    The answer is of course to build from plans of a "conventional/professional" design with quality workmanship that an inspector is willing to sign off on. Or to find a used fix-er-upper boat.
  4. tpenfield
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    tpenfield Senior Member

    Maybe just check out the intended marinas well in advance. Also, "don't ask/don't tell" may apply as to the boat's origins. If the boat you build looks good, who's going to ask if you built it?

  5. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    The way a boat looks has a lot to do with the reaction marina operators will have. The better marinas won't allow boats that don't meet modern aesthetic standards. Many home made boats have a very poor finish. Further, many live-aboard boats have their decks full of junk and laundry hanging to dry on the rigging; two other things that may be a problem. If you take care of looks, have insurance and can afford the fees, the marinas will have no problem renting a slip.
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