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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by ready2sinkit, Jun 19, 2006.

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    we have a 1994 maxum boat starting issues with a 3L mercruiser, replaced new battery, new starter, new alternator and tune-up. This is what happens, it runs sometimes and dies after we shut if off. GRRR... going on now for two years about ready to sink it. Just past Saturday got ready to put it into the water try to turn the key .. nothing no clicking nothing husband about ready to burn it. The mechanic doesn't know what the heck it is .... has any one ever had these problems before? any help???:confused:
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    What do you mean it runs sometimes and dies after you shut it off? It doesn't re-start? If the engine doesn't turn at all it appears to be an electrical problem. To troubleshoot, you need to start at one end and follow the circuit. Test the battery for voltage, the key switch for power at the red wire, the yellow/red at the switch when you turn it(send power to the starter) power at the starter on the yellow/red. The thich red wire at the starter should have power. If there is power at the yellow/red on the switch but not at the starter, check the connection at the main plug, a cut wire or the neutral safety switch at the control box.
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