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Discussion in 'Education' started by nibbit15, Jun 19, 2004.

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    As an aeronautical engineering student, what would I have to do to start designing sails and getting involved in the marine industry.

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    Sail. Often. (No kidding!) Beg, buy, or promise marriage to get on board as many sailboats as you can and observe.

    Finish your degree.

    Learn how to make a sail. Buy a book, attend a "sailmaking for idiots" course, beg for a job - even as a non-paid volunteer - at a local sail loft.

    You want to be able to give a prospective employer more than just book-learnin'. If you can help sew, can tie a knot, can recognize the tools of the trade as well as explain Bernoulli's Theorum, you will be in a better position to get that first grunt job that you desperately need to get real-world experience.

    Not that I am any great example, but when I finished my Naval Architecture program I didn't even apply for any design office jobs for two years. I worked as a grunt labourer in boatshops building 'glass, aluminum, and wooden boats. From that I learned how the craftsmen did the jobs and the tools they used, so now I can design structures whith knowledge of shop procedures in mind. Builders appreciate that and like working with me. It puts bread on my table, and makes friends out of clients.
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