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Discussion in 'Stability' started by cdazet, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. cdazet
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    cdazet New Member

    I am looking for a stability letter for a 100' Camcraft sister ship to Hull 137, does anyone know where i can find this or links to any sites? thank you
  2. alpamis34
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    alpamis34 Senior Member

    What s a stability letter?I reckon you mean stability booklet mate
  3. cdazet
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    cdazet New Member

    Coast Guard refers to it as a stability's a test of the stability including the maximum tilt on each side. I need one for a 100' Camcraft, if not I have to pay coast guard $5000. Thats why i am hoping to find a sister ship.
  4. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    In my experience it's difficult to find an exact sistership to whatever ship of that size. Most of them are custom, so general arrangementand equipment varying greatly from ship to ship. That calls for a full stability experience and calculations for a given ship even having the same hull lines of a 'sister' one. I'm afraid most probably you'll have to pay those 5 grands. Anyhow, good luck in the search!

  5. rrrkh
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    rrrkh New Member

    try contacting the USCG Marine Safety Center:

    the Coast Guard does not charge to get a stability letter - it is a requirement to have a stability letter for certificated commercial vessels (in this case I assume this a passenger vessel). There is a user fee associated with getting a vessel certificated but it is not specifically just for obtaining a stability letter.

    The friendly folks at the Marine Safety Center should be able to better expalin stability letter requirements.

    Good Luck
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