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    I wish them luck in saving her.
    A William Francis Gibbs design "Gibbs and Cox". They also designed the "The Four Sisters" west coast I think.
    Engineer Elaine Kaplan's work on the top-secret propulsion system and she was the fastest ocean liner of all times.
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    I am sorry, but it has gone too long. Consider those doors, for a tiny, tiny example. Rather than an order to build and paint 50 doors, this project requires a person to remove each door, sandblast, and paint new and track each door's home, repair the jambs, and trims. The fact so much is gone does not help.

    The fact she was torn down at auction is another ding as so much is gone. Add to that asbestos, and probably lead paint and systems no longer allowed and you have a ship in a bottle type effort.

    I say let her take her rightful place in history. Scrap it. Even that is gonna cost money.

    And I love boats and ships, for the record, but too many repairs is too costly and the final value is never more than a ship of same size

    And so many engineering issues...

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    She was a beauty in her day and a symbol of quality shipbuilding in the USA. Monuments should be preserved and repaired, even if they have many doors.
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