Square topsail cutter?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Tallboy, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Hi all,
    I love tall ships, and I also love cutters. So, I did some research, and I love the idea of a replica of an 1800's British naval cutter, full size (which is around 50-60ft), (minus the guns) most likely out of wood, but am open to other ideas. The sail plan would be a gaff cutter wih 2 headsails, a gaff topsail, and one or two square topsails.
    If anyone knows anybody with experience or someone who can help me out, I'd be grateful.
    (I'm nkt definately building one or designing one as of yet but I want to see if it is possible)
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    Yes, it's possible, though size determines practicality. At 50 - 60 feet you're getting into the range where this does become practical. It's not an especially efficient rig, nor one that is easy to handle and needs additional crew to work it, but it's possible.

    What is your budget?
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    Gjøa, Amundsen

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    How much experience do you have sailing? Particularly in traditional rigs. They can be quite a handful when the wind gets up.

    hope you have a big pile of money.
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    Freinds Good Will is an example of what you are thinking about perhaps. She was designed and built by Scarano Boatbuilding in Albany, NY for the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven, Mi. I was a bosun on the volunteer crew and led much of the work rigging the vessel under the direction of Dave Mullins from Salem, Mass., both preparation in South Haven and the rigging for the maiden voyage in Albany and then in Buffalo. I was part of the crew that sailed her across Lake Erie during the delivery, but then left the volunteer crew after the final delivery to South Haven for various and complicated reasons. The boat is 56' on deck with a sparred length of 100', beam in the neighborhood of 17' if I remember. I've seen her sailing frequently on Lake Michigan but don't have any info on her performance.

    Also, a major project and kinda big for anyone to build on their own.

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    I often volunteer on a local Gaff topsail Schoonef wih Two square topsails and a huge course sail, (R Tucker Thimpson, New Zealand) I know how to sail traditionally rigged ships, I just want to know how realistic it is to get one designed and maybe one day built
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    Depending on just what you want you can just buy a set of stock plans. That picture I put up on your other thread is from a book in my library and the designer is still alive - I think. Must send him an email.....

    Anyway the design can be dealt with in a number of ways. If you're going to pay someone to build it, good luck with that. It is going to be very, very expensive.


  10. bpw
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    They actual design and build are nothing particularly exotic or difficult to accomplish, plenty of people have the experience to design and build traditional boats. It will require some pretty staggering sums of money, and even more if you want to carry passengers.

    Very few of these projects are successful, I would not consider something so ambitious without many years in the tall ships industry both running and managing similar vessels unless you are very wealthy.
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