Square pedestal seats

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    I have a Broom speed boat,the seats were mounted on ply boxes with angle aluminium screwed to the deck.They have stood the test of time,but have eventually become rotted.
    I have two new pedestal seats that only have a 8" square base plates.
    The deck is a sealed waterproof section between the deck and the hull.(bouyancy?)
    I've sealed the screw holes in the deck with epoxy.
    I don't want to cut into the deck to reinforce it for the pedestals.
    I am thinking of adding a few layers of strand matting to the deck to thicken and strengthen where the seat pedestals fit.I'm thinking of maybe 3 or 4 layers.
    Has anyone had any success with this method?
    The seats swivel,and when fishing,they are turned to the stern.
    I took the back two seats out to make more space.
    The drain bung drains the deck,not the sealed cavity below the deck.
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