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    has anyone used Vibrin gelcoat products?

    They appear to have "spray ready" stuff with the 370 pac in light shades with other types available. I have never used or even heard of this stuff or any spray ready gel. It has been a while since I have sprayed gel so I have been looking at whats available and came accross this stuff. Please let me know what the latest is. I sent an e-mail to AOC who makes it and still waiting for reply, but would like to here of anyone who has used it. 6 years ago I used gel, 3 med coats with last mixed 25 % duratec, and lotsa boarding and polishing. Does this Vibrin eliminate the need for duratec? I have only fully sprayed a few boats but have made tons of small repairs using pure gel and the feel of pure gel is always better than thinned stuff. pure seems more dense to me. ( Maybe applicator is more dense hehehe).

    I have to do the boat white (23 ft). Guy had the boat grip ed last year and it blistered below the line and saw a boat I did 6 years ago. I told him I gelcoated it which was different and more involved than painting. He wrote me a cheque on the spot. I needed the money so now I need to do it hehe. any and all help would be great.
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