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Discussion in 'Materials' started by DJS82, Feb 26, 2018.

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    I was hoping someone could refer me to a good quality 2 part closed cell spray foam company. Also, I will be applying this within the next week or two to a boat in New England. Is that even possible in a shop that is 55-60 degrees? Thanks in advance.
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    Try Google or contact 3M, they might be helpful.
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    Instructional Videos I Spray Foam Kits I Versi-Foam Systems http://www.rhhfoamsystems.com/video.php
    We have never used these (there are many other similar providers) but have heard good reviews of this type of system that comes with the tanks etc. Quite a few of the aluminum boat builders in the Pacific Northwest use spray foam but I believe that they just have a contractor come in and do the work.
    A good quality foam will have obviously porosity, ie the air cells , but not permeability, the ability of say water to move between the air cells, which then means it can absorb water
    ( a sponge has both)

    You should try to ensure that you do not have to cut the foam after spraying unless you can apply a compatible coating to ensure that the out layers of the foam are sealed.
    High quality foams in the spec sheet might have an absorption specification something like ( and this is only an example, I did not bother to pull the exact nomenclature)
    A 1 foot cube of foam will absorb X pounds of water when immersed to such and such a depth over a period of Y hours

    Also marine foam requires I believe a fire rating

    There is a reasonably good chance that the spray foam used in home insulation might not meet the requirements

    I checked the ABYC standards and though I know that I had read them before in their literature, I could not find the exact specs. Perhaps it was in a supplement that is on one of those
    5 year, one way, loan to a peer lending episodes.

    I will look further and if I find something, I will repost.

    If your supplier of spray foam that you choose, shows that the foam meets Coast Guard requirements, have them forward you the copy.
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