Spirit Of Balto Launched

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by alaskatrawler, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. alaskatrawler

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    Hello All

    It has been a long time since I last posted to this forum. The last six months were a flurry of activity involving the launch and the finishing out of my steel trawler that I have been building for the last 4 1/2 years. It has been a long but very rewarding project. I have to say that as much as I look forward to cruising I will miss the work involvement I had in building this beautiful vessel.
    What remains to be done is build the mast and jib for the tender. I am now docked in Tacoma Washington where I am living aboard. This spring I will head North to my home state of Alaska. I am including a couple photos of Balto during launch and underway.


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  2. Rusty Bucket
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    Really nice looking boat! It must have been a rush to finally get her in the water and underway. I spent a good portion of my life building boats like yours for other people and I can really appreciate your tenacity. I know of one steel sailboat hull I built for a guy 30 years ago that still isn't finished, so 4.5 years ain't bad! Well done, Rusty
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  3. alaskatrawler

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    Thanks for the compliment. It truly is a rush to finally be closing in on the finish line.
    As of this writing I've been building the mast. Been doing mockups of various styles. I really like the salty look of a mast with a crows nest so have decided to build it with a crows nest. I copped out on the idea of building my own davit and instead am going to buy a custom hydraulic unit. I will post some pictures as I get further along.

    Thanks Again
  4. timgoz
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    Nice work. Where you living in AK? I spent a summer skiff camping on the north end of Prince of Wales Island. Hopefully I will spend my later years in SE AK.

    Take care.

  5. charmc
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    She's a beauty, and the workmanship looks top notch. Seeing her floating as designed, then underway at last, got to be a wonderful feeling.

    Good voyaging,

  6. longliner45
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    Im happy for ya man ,,nice boat,,,I know your signifigant other has paid her dues too after all ,,you may be capton,,,,,,but she picked the colors good luck to you,,longliner
  7. trawler builder
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    beautiful boat ...great job
  8. alaskatrawler

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    Thanks Again for all the compliments I appreciate them sincerely.
    As for T goz question as to where I live in Alaska? I lived most all my life in Nome. Spirit of Balto which is the name of my boat was named in honor of the famous Nome sled dog ( Balto) that was credited with getting the diptheria serum to Nome from Nenana Alaska a distance of over 1000 miles in the early 1900's. The now famous Alaska Iditarod sled dog race commemorates this historic event.

    My SO has been a very patient woman. I have promised her every year since I started this project that I would we would be launching in a year. Each year would pass and another promise. All though she never let on I am sure see saw through the promises after awhile.

    I still have not been out cruising yet as I have spent the last year ( launched in April 06) varnishing the interior and doing the million other little deatils it takes to get all the systems functioning. I hope to make Trawlerfest in June so am working toward that goal. If any one on this list is at trawler fest which will be held in Paulsbo Washington please stop by. I'll keep a cold one in the fridge for you.

    Thanks Again for all the compliments

  9. longliner45
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    balto ,,a great dog ,,and a great name for a boat,I envy you,longliner

  10. samson101
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    hello alaskatrawler. i am currently looking into several designs for steel boats all of them from Bruce Roberts and i was just wondering if i could talk to you about steel boats and steel boat building in general.

    you have a really gorgeous boat!

    can i have your email so i can shoot you some emails?

    thank you
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