spira veracruz panga

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by fiddler 56636, Jan 17, 2016.

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    i get that.. I have run some vdrive boats in the past. unless you got some momentum they dont like to turn..nature of the beast. and as far as length..i must be missing something because the trans is only about 6 inches back from the motor...and i think i could get it closer...i know you have to have the angles right for the propshaft to come out right..heres another question what does the average out drive on an I/O weigh v.s a vdrive rig??? and why are almost all H.P boats either surface drives or inboards??? i am asking because i dont know. not to be a smart a..
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    My personal recommendation is not to put an inboard into a panga of that design. I have built two of the Spira Pangas and I believe that you will be too tippy with that beam. I did take the 19' Quintana Panga and stretch it to 21' and widen the beam at both the chine and sheer clamp by six inches on each side. Very stable and a really good ride still.
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    I should also mention that on the 19' Spira Quintana that I modified I put the outboard on a transom pod that I also built similar to what you see on Floridian sport fishers. Looks really good and gives me a lot more space in the boat.

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    Pangas were designed as simple Third world fishing boats, with flat bottoms. Economical and fast enough with little power. The 18 feet was primitively made for a 30 to 50 HP.
    The max acceptable power and weight is the 60 HP Yamaha Enduro 3 cylinders 2 strokes which weights around 240 pounds plus the gas tank it is the extreme limit, the panga becomes tippy and the power is excessive. No much gain in speed but big consumption. It's just a boxy 18 feet boat with a low freeboard.
    In Mexico Pangas under 40 feet are forbidden to go out with a 20 knots wind, and a 2 feet swell...
    The main seller/builder in Mexico is Imemsa, which sells also the Yamaha outboards.
    Practically nobody uses the 18 feet now, and the combination 22 feet long 60HP outboard is the preferred one in small coastal fishing boats. The 115HP doesn't make the boat much faster, but duplicates the gas consumption and the boat becomes rather dangerous.
    I have installed 6L 320 HP Bravo single engines fresh water cooled on modified pangas but 33 feet long, a very different beast from a tiny 18 feet. This single engine resulted cheaper than a twin outboard configuration, both in buy and use with an easier maintenance.
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