Spindrift Being Fitted With Uptip Ama Foils

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Spindrift is being fitted with uptip ama foils and rudder T-foils. The reason to use an uptip foil is that it automatically controls ama altitude with no moving parts. No mention of a "Manta" foil like Maserati (yet): ( sorry-google translation)

    For this legendary boat to remain competitive, Yann Guichard, his skipper, integrated from the beginning a design office within the stable to gain independence in terms of technological developments. While the design team is always focused on performance, the constraints inherent in such a ship due to its size make it difficult to design and produce new parts. After a thorough study, the Spindrift racing team activated new optimizations this winter for the XXL trimaran.

    Following the failure of the port foil during the Jules Verne Trophy attempt at the end of 2015, the design team worked on new foils aboard Spindrift 2 this year. The team made a new TIP Fin on the lower part of the foil) which now points upwards and allows to lift the stem. This optimization, which was tested during the Transat Qu├ębec Saint Malo this summer, had a positive effect on performance. The foils performing a vertical thrust at the front of the boat, the team had to work this winter on a new port rudder (positioned at the rear). Its new shape and its position at the back of the float makes it possible to restore Spindrift 2 in equilibrium.

    The combined action of the foil and the T-rudder will make a vertical thrust on the hull which will relieve Spindrift 2. The resistance of the water on the hull and its embedment in the water will be reduced and the trimaran will gain speed.

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