Speed Dream 35 Prototype

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Just heard from Vlad Murnikov and he's put up a new website that looks very good. In the site are drawings of the prototype which you can see below.This boat will test the concepts mentioned in this thread( http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/sailboats/monohull-speed-speed-dream-vlad-murnikov-30880.html ) as well as develop unique solutions applicable to a 35' high speed monohull.


    Technical highlights from site:

    Ever so often the idea so simple yet so powerful, comes from the ether waiting to be picked by the right person at the right time in the right place. So happened with the SpeedDream, a concept destined to revolutionize the way we view boats and their relationship with speed.
    The SpeedDream™ Design Concept, developed by Vlad Murnikov, is one of the most advanced design ideas in sailing today. Some of the highlights are:

    · Delta-shaped hull, almost triangular in plan view, with a very narrow, wave-piercing bow to reduce resistance and improve seaworthiness.

    · Maximum stability and sail carrying capacity due to the innovative Ultimate Canting Keel™ with a bulb that comes out of water to provide the highest possible Righting Moment while completely eliminating drag.

    · Telescoping keel that retracts to reduce draft while in harbor and extends while sailing to maximize righting moment.

    · Stabilizing foils to further improve stability and reduce drag by partially offsetting boat weight. Similar to the DSS foils pioneered by Hugh Welbourne, SpeedDream wings are used in combination with canting keel and, in addition to lift, provide lateral resistance.

    · The resulting stability is far superior to all current keel boats while requiring only fraction of the ballast, thereby significantly reducing the total boat displacement.

    · The innovative and practical deck layout and superstructure styling that keeps the crew safe and the deck free of excess water even at high speed

    Combined, all SpeedDream™ innovative technical features contribute to the boat’s unique, sophisticated and thoroughly modern style. With the SpeedDream™ Concept the future of sailing has arrived.


    Heres a little video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS5qxatTrVM&feature=player_embedded

    click on image:

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  2. Gary Baigent
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    Wild looking monohull ... but so needle bowed; that wobbly foil will NEED to keep it up in surfing conditions; the telescoping, extreme length bulb keel will be an area of weakness (just judging it on what occurred to Maximus) - the wobbly foil doesn't appear to have much area for windward work (is there another vertical board?), the mast and rig is old world in comparison terms to the radical hull and foil design, but fair enough just to get the project moving and building a 35 will be a good indication of the larger version's potential ... or not ... but still looks too complex with too much junk in the water (there are two wobbly foils I presume) - how simple a multihull looks and how easy the speed in comparison to this extreme, very mechanical monohull. But I like different ideas so looking forward to the prototype's progress.
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    Are there any time frames in mind for when the prototype build will begin?

  4. Vlad M
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    The answer at this point has to be rather vague: as soon as possible.
    There's still a good amount of design and research to be done, plus we have to decide on the builder who could do a great job within our budget.
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    Is soon as possible, Vlad? And to what is this in time and place?
  6. Doug Lord
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    BATAAN Senior Member

    Wow, I want to go for a ride. Nothing like stark terror to enhance the sailing experience.
  8. mark775

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    I'll build it! I want to be a part of this! Go, Vlad!
  9. BrittC
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    Hi Vlad,

    I would like to talk to you about the above in bold.

  10. dylantorquerol
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    I have one question: In the pictures above, the Canting Keel looks like it can swing almost 90 degrees. If its in this position, most likely upwind, won't the boat slow down because there is no centreboard to keep it from side-slipping, and you can't go forward w/o any side force?
  11. Doug Lord
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    Speed Dream

    If you'll notice the lifting foils have a vertical foil molded in for the specific purpose of lateral resistance. Vlads idea on the canting keel is to get it out of the water.

    From the Daily Sail article referenced above:

    To achieve previously unattained speeds and bridge the performance gap between multihulls and monohulls, SpeedDream relies upon two innovative appendages to greatly enhance the boat’s performance; a canting keel that lifts clear of the water when the boat is fully powered up, and a foil to leeward that provides not only lift, but also resists leeward force.

    click on image:

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  12. mark775

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    Britt, Beautiful stuff you are doing there (Next time actually draw the sprit/pulpit before committing to construction). Kidding, just my personal taste - I applaud everything about what you are doing there! Kudos on your small and well-done business. Your technique reminds me of Eric Goetz...
  13. Doug Lord
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    New boat: Match Racer-MX Match 40

    A new match racer designed by Vlad Murnikov-see pdf:


    Vlad Murnikov's mxMatch design chosen by WMRT
    Thursday, 02 June 2011

    The World Match Race Tour has selected mxMatch from among 18 entries received to be one of seven officially approved new boat designs.

    mxMatch, a brand new One Design high performance Match Race yacht that incorporates some of the style and innovative features of SpeedDream, has been selected by the World Match Racing Tour as one of their new designs. Drawn from a field of 18 entries submitted to WMRT, Vlad Murnikov’s 48-foot design was chosen from a field of extremely talented big name designers. The mxMatch is one of seven officially approved new boat designs which will be made available to the Tour's host venues.

    “This is a thrill for me and for the mxSpeedDream Design Team,” said Vlad Murnikov, Lead Designer and Project Coordinator. “The World Match Racing Tour is a very prestigious event that attracts the elite sailors in our sport. To have them competing on our mxMatch design is a great honor and further justifies some of the new, creative ideas we have developed under what we call the SpeedDream Design Concept.”

    The SpeedDream Design Concept incorporates some of the new ideas that will be applied to the record setter mxSpeedDream100 as well as to the scaled down prototype mxSpeedDream36 whose final design and engineering details are being completed.

    “The SpeedDream Design Concept places the focus squarely on efficiency,” says Murnikov. “The performance of the mxMatch will rely principally on a lean, slender hull that moves through the water with ease and minimal resistance, rather than on an abundance of power. This way the boat handling is less taxing on the crew than that of heavier, overpowered vessels. This will allow the crew to concentrate more on boat speed and race tactics.”

    There are seven new venues for the World Match Racing Tour. These new venues will now select the design that best meets their needs. The mxMatch, at 14.6m (48-feet) is the largest of the new designs.

    “We decided to go as big as possible for the new design,” said Brian Hancock, Creative and Media Director for mx SpeedDream. “There are more and more people following sailing on television around the world. The mxMatch is a big boat, but with a little twist. It’s priced like a 40-footer but with the speed and visual impact of a boat ten feet longer. The distance from the transom to the headstay is just 39 feet; the rest being a sharp wave-piercing bow, or if you wish, a long bowsprit faired into the hull.”
    Brian Hancock

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  14. Doug Lord
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    Speed Dream

    New website for Vlad Murnikovs' Speed Dream developments: http://www.mxspeeddream.com/main.html
    video about the Speed Dream 100 produced by BBC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIYlh8C8MH8&feature=player_embedded

    About the Speed Dream 27:

    Just as SpeedDream100, the quest to build the world’s fastest monohull, is packed with innovation and creativity, the new SpeedDream27 is a small package full of big ideas.
    The design, a scaled down prototype of the record setter will be, quite simply, the fastest sailboat of its size anywhere on the planet. From its narrow, wave piercing hull to the lifting foils and extreme canting keel, SpeedDream27 relies on efficiency rather than raw power to achieve speeds that will reach, and often exceed, 30 knots.
    We now invite you to share the extreme sailing experience that SpeedDream27 offers. While the boat was originally conceived as a one-off prototype strictly to test a radical idea, it would be selfish to keep all the fun to ourselves. So rather than screech around the local waterfront alone, we are turning SpeedDream27 into a one-design class for a whole new generation of thrill seekers.
    Aimed at a broad market of sailors who have tired of overcomplicated, overpriced boats that need a crew of stout sailors, SpeedDream27 is a two-person boat that delivers full-on fun and excitement. The boat is simple to rig and easy to set sail, yet as you can imagine with any thoroughbred, it’s a challenge to master. Challenging yes, but not beyond your capability and taming any beast is always a reward unto itself. SpeedDream27 will deliver sailing excitement in a way that no other boat can….. or perhaps it’s because no other boat has dared.
    A revolutionary boat requires a revolutionary race course and the SpeedDream27 Speedway will change the way you look at sailing. The idea is based loosely on slalom ski racing. Instead of racing a traditional triangle with a hired gun at the helm, SpeedDream27 pilots will enter the start zone two at a time. Their task, based entirely on speed and skill and not the vagaries of wind and shifts, will be to get their boat around the course as fast as possible. Short, intense, speed-timed races, and many of them over the course of a day, will turn up a winner that knows how to maximize the full potential of SpeedDream27.
    If you have been tempted to ditch sailing and reach for the keys of a new diesel guzzler to get you out on the water, take a SpeedDream27 for a test drive. You will need your Atlantis Weathergear pilot suit, a good pair of goggles and healthy dose of adrenaline but once you are exposed to the concept that Speed Thrills you will never look at speed, or sailing, the same way again.

  15. daiquiri
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    Just one consideration (sorry if superfluous): I believe that a lifting foil working so close to the water surface would experience a significant loss of lift due to aeration. Was this taken into account?
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