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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Darkside, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Darkside
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    Darkside New Member

    Hi People :

    Im a new guy that after reading some of the threads here, obviously knows practially nothing about boat design.

    I want to have a 10M plate boat built that is similar the the boat here in this picture (if I can get it to attach) except I want to make it more a cross between this boat and the blackwatch sports fishing boats running a shaft drive.
    The boat in this picture is an 8.4M sportsbridge plate aluminum boat made by www.platemaster.com.au

    So I basically want to keep the high bow design and I think the delta hull design as well as I will be wanting to get it into shallow water to chase pelagics in some pretty wild and shallow shoals in very exposed waters Though a V hull might be better for popping and jigging purposes?

    I dont really know ?

    So I think I want this boat just bigger with a higher sportsbridge if you can follow my drift.

    I think it started its life as a specmar and developed into a platemaster ?

    Can anyone help me find a boat designer that will be able to produce some CAD or similar plans.

    Cheers: Darkside

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  2. diwebb
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    diwebb Senior Member

    Platemaster do custom designs to 10m according to their website. As you seem to like their designs why not try them first?? Or are you going to build the boat yourself? In which case you will need a Naval Architect as you suggest.
    Best of luck.
  3. Jarrod
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    Jarrod Marine Designer


    We are a marine design firm based in New Zealand, we design both custom and production vessels and provide comprehensive CAD plans and cnc cut files.

    If you contact me via email with any further specifications we can provide a preliminary GA of a custom vessel to suit your requirements.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. mickldo
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    mickldo New Member

    G'day Darkside

    I am the foreman at Platemaster Boats http://www.platemaster.com.au/

    I was given a link to this thread so I have joined the forum to let you know about our boats.

    We can custom build most boats up to 10m. We get our designs from Specmar http://www.specmar.com.au/ but have worked with them to incorporate a lot of small design changes to suit our needs.

    The boat in the photo is an 8.4m Sportsbridge we built for a customer.

    If you want to email me michaelr@platemaster.com.au or Rodney at Specmar we can draw up some plans to suit your needs.

    Michael Rawlins
    Platemaster Aluminium Boats
    11 Gateway Court
    Maryborough, Qld, 4650
  5. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    Hi there too
    nice looking boat
    i built a lot of sport fishers like this in my time
    I would go for an inboard diesel with leg,( if you intend trailer) and if you stand up game fish then engine on jackshaft,( extension shaft) from leg so as you can walk around the boat
    I would want to see the fore sections before I made a choice as these are what is the most important thing about a boat going out to sea, they need to be deep vee, I cant see the sections here, but platemaster may like to put them up Most people dont look at the bottom of a boat, they look at the paint: so please take this into consideration , some boats will have to slow to disp. speeds in headseas, whereas others land softly and can keep to high planing speeds

  6. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    sections forwards
    I had to limit the beam here cos of trailer regs
    I am not trying sell you a plan or a boat:))
    But when I first started I had to learn that moderate to shallow vees, do not perform except downwind , once I changed to deep vee, my owners said that there was nothing at sea could stay with them Try looking at Don Seniors bottom, they are very deep fore and abt 7--10 aft, , deadrise aft gives stabilty down weather, in rolling breaking swells Upon study, the platemaster site, I would say the boats are moderate vee forewards i would suggest, that you get a test ride on one of the bigger models, wait for a day when the wind is 15knots or more and has been that way all day, then try the boat into the wind, , take your wife, you may get a shock, , because boats with shallow entry land like a car hitting a wall, not once but over and over You need to do thsi at sea, in unsheltered waters, where the sea has has a chance to build
    May I suggest you get a plan with structure based on 4 full length girdars
    if you get one built you should also ask for a 5 years hull warrenty even for commercial say 800 hrs per year, some owners may do 10 hrs a year, Good luck

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