Spearfishing craft hull shape ideas

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Quan Kwota Quinn, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Hi All,
    I'm new to posting on this forum but have found the various threads I have read interesting and I enjoy seeing all of the discussion that goes on here. My interests at this point are much smaller and lower powered than lots of what I read about here, but maybe you'll enjoy thinking about my little project. I look forward to whatever comments you may have, whether snide or not.

    What I want to build is a vehicle from which I can snorkel off of along the Oregon coast. I've settled on a prone paddle board that hopefully fits these parameters: is not super complex to construct, is decently efficient in choppy water, and has a hold for some fish and gear.

    For background, I currently have a beamy 3 meter SOT kayak. I am only going out fully suited up in a 7mm wetsuit. The kayak is OK, but it is heavy, not very fast, hard to get in and out of, and I get very hot paddling it wearing all the neoprene. It seems like a prone paddle board will be faster, lighter, easier to dismount/remount, and could have better storage since there won't be a seat contraption.

    I hope to build something 3m long and 50cm wide at my shoulders (10 ft x 20 inches) and under 20 kg.

    Basically, is a shrunken LiteBoat LiteSport+ (LiteSPORT+ | Liteboat - Light, stable, easy rowing boats https://www.liteboat.com/product/litesport-plus/) what seems like the best hull design? (Not oarlocks, seat, etc, just the shape). I like that is can drain out the back and has some height up front for breaking chop. I got onto a whole airfoil quest and found what I thought was a good idea but upon further reading that shape maybe isn't great for me since drag at my speeds (2 knots) is mostly about reducing surface drag and wave creation. So rowing shells better match my needs, right?

    For construction I'm considering either 4mm marine plywood or just making a crude first draft out of rigid foam insulation. Either way I expect I'll eventually be getting into doing fiberglass/kevlar exterior.

    Also, where can I buy the 5x10 ft marine plywood in single sheets? Or should I just accept that I'm gonna be scarfing joints?

    Thanks y'all, I'm curious to see if anyone has ideas or questions.
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    Welcome to the group

    I use an inflatable "dive-yak" made by Seveler for simular activity on the Northern California coast. Works well for me. Water exit by crawling onto stern. I use cayac paddle sitting Indian style. Did add a plywood insert between air bladder and bottom fabric to reduce sag and paddling effort.

    Next best bet would be an old surf wind or paddle board with bungee netting on the top.
    Glassed foam would be my choice of construction.

    Forgot about oversized plywood. Unless you're willing to sacrifice your first born !
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