Speaking of Wharrams

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by bntii, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. bntii
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    bntii Senior Member

    I spent some time at the Boatsmith booth this year at the Annapolis boat show.
    His Wharram build caught my eye. Beautifully done. One of those boats that just makes one want to go cruising off to the islands. You step on board and it just feels right.
  2. gonzo
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    I owned a Tangaroa 34 many years ago. It handled rough weather well and had a lot of speed. Interior space is very limitied.
  3. david@boatsmith
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    bntii, Thanks for the kind words. It was a very good show for us. Many people saw the boat and their first thought was "this looks like fun". We are currently building two Tiki 8ms in foam core glass. Progress can be seen at our website on our shavings blog David www.boatsmithfl.com
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  4. jmolan
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    Your boat DID look like fun! It was refreshing to see something I would actually like to use crowded in among all the big (expensive) Condoran's. That cockpit looked so inviting and functional. You do not suffer from what Dick Newik calls "all the modern inconvieniences"...good show...I am still blown away by the rudder hinges.....I had to take a lot of photos....lot of cool very functional details.......:cool:
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