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    I just purchased a 1981 Trimaran built by South Bay Multihulls, Inc.. they are apparently out of business. It is 36 foot long and just over 21 feet wide. The original owner was Robert Johnson of San Francisco, who ended up in Hawaii with it, and then it was sold to Tommie Barnes, who sailed it through the Panama Canal to Houston, Texas, where it sat in neglect after Tommie donated it, until I got stupid, fell in love, and bought it. I have contact with Tommie, who does not know the designor. Does anyone have any knowledge of the designor of this boat, (It might even have been an "in-house design" or anything about their quality, sailing attributes, etc.. Also, I know it has a keel, and if reasonably possible I would like to remove it, and the inboard rudder, and add daggerboards and a lifting rudder to get the draft down to maybe 2-2 1/2 feet.
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    Photos, Jim?

    As many as you can post showing the boat wet with rig and also out of the water, if you have them.

    If the design doesn't ring a bell here, you can call Wayne Iwamoto at Gil's Cats in Newport Beach, CA at: 949-646-5750. If Wayne can't tell you, then his Dad can.
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