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Discussion in 'Education' started by Zeanne, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Zeanne Zeanne

    I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural studies degree from the University of Cape Town and have been working in a small architecture firm for the past year I am efficient on CAD and love design. I have a dream to persue yacht interior design, but being from Cape Town, South Africa, there is no such course offered here.

    I have begun to research the possibility of doing a correspondance course through Westlawn in Yacht Design "light". I would like to know if this is a viable option pertaining to my degree and my dream?

    Could anyone please guide me or offer me some advice on the subject- I'm feeling a bit lost!

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    Interior Design

    It sounds like you're more into the 'interior design' aspect than the actual 'naval architecture' part.

    I'd almost suggest taking some interior design courses and then calling a few yacht builders and saying 'Hey I don't know much about stability, buoyancy, resistance or propulsion - but I can design one hell of an interior for your yachts'

    see what they say
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    Geert-Jan Geert-Jan

    Interior course, Westlawn

    Have alook at, course information, continuing education, INTERIOR DESIGN METHODS FOR YACHT DESIGN AND THE BOATBUILDING INDUSTRY.
    My guess is that this will suit your needs betters than the YDL course.

    I'm now halfway into Yacht Design Lite, and I will surely start with the regular YD course. Please let me know if you'd like more information.

    Regards, Geert-Jan
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