Sourcing for 20'ish ft boat plans and CNC cutting files.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by blacksheep, Jun 12, 2008.

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    CNC cut kits in plywood for Tolman Skiff:

    The problem with making cutting files availale is the extreme ease of redistribution for the unscrupulous. Files can be e-mailed wide and far in minutes; posted on internet, etc. Think downloading music files vs. old tech of copying a record to tape for a friend.

    Any provider of cutting files is going to require a confidentiality agreement with someone they consider to be a reliable and established business.

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    I'm fine with the confidentiality agreement bit. I'm also cool if the designers want to send the files directly to the cutters. Which, makes me wonder, if i don't know the cutter from adam, then isn't there the probability that the cutter might have more than one boat cut?

    I asked for the file simply cuz I can be there when cutting and will be able to take back when done.

    Anyhoo, i'm just biding my time waiting for my 37hp to 87hp to 127hp to 165hp to 215hp to 240hp to 270hp diesel engine to arrive. it's been shipped, so i have about 8 more weeks. it's been demoralizing.
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