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Discussion in 'Materials' started by goanywhere, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Hi all, I am intending to build a plywood S&G kayak, and would appreciate any contacts for good prices on construction fabrics (fibreglass, kevlar etc.). I am in Australia and our prices here are very high for these materials, I am thinking of buying from the US. I am looking for a supplier who offers good prices as well as sound advice on the right materials for my project.
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    I think our prices are competitive, what have you been quoted?
    The quantity you require for a kayak is very small and not worth importing.

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    I build kayaks/skis for a living in Australia, and whilst the prices of materials are high they still only end up one quarter of my annual costs , Labour is about one half. So my advice is not to even bother thinking about the material costs (you did mention plywood S&G) which means you only need woven tape and resin doesn't it ?
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