sound system ideas for 25' Bowrider

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    I'm considering replacing the Polk Audio coaxial speakers in the rear of my boat with a high end 2-channel system.

    By clicking on the link you can see what I currently have and what I'd like to do.

    My thoughts are to remove the 2 Polk audio coaxials and replace with an 8" midbase with tweeter component system. I'd also like to add a 10" or 12" in the area indicated. If I go with a 10" sub and two 8" for mid, am I losing an important component of my soundstage with no 5" or 6" component in this two channel setup?

    Also, where this system will be mount is significant in terms of volume or area. There are no dividers or areas that are sealed off below the bench seating. This is another reason I'm leaning toward the 8" for the mids. There is a pretty good amount of open space that would accommodate a larger speaker setup.

    Thanks for any advice!

    here are a couple shots of the boat's exterior
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    The first thing you need to consider, is that seats are terrible speaker boxes. They rattle and squeak. However, if that is the sound I hear from many cars, and the drivers look happy with it. What power are you planning on using? Find the rating for peak to peak and continuous or "music". The second rating is the power the equipment can sustain continuously playing average music or sound. Another thing to consider is the sound interference, because they are in a well. Ideally, speakers face the listeners.
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    I'll be powering these with a WETSOUNDS monoblock amp for the sub and a 2 chnl WETSOUNDS amp for the 8" mids. I'll have plenty of amplification to drive the drivers, so I'm not too concerned with the technical aspects of what I need to do in order to have a good system with good components.

    My struggle is where to install and what approach in starting with a plan.

    Another concern I have is if the new system is installed where I've indicated (where the current 6.5" coaxials are), is how thin and flimsy the glass is that I'll be installing them on. Typically, fiberglass within the deck of the boat doesn't need to be terribly thick, especially under the bench seat. So, I may need to come up with an idea to make the areas where my new 8" component speakers and my 12" sub will be installed - a little more rigid.

    Thank you
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