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    DARPA has awarded seven contracts for new unmanned surface vessels USV ship design

    I thought I'd toss my hat into ring, with all that big money flying around.
    Also thought it would be fun to release MY preferred SOR and overview BEFORE releasing my invincible Concept and Drawings, to give the Forum a chance to weigh in without being influenced or distracted by my submission.

    Overview: Going unmanned isn't something you want force, because that is begging for another major failure. Best to provide provision for being manned, and let unmanned happen as best it can.
    Most experts expect sea-skimming anti-ship missiles to do to surface ships in next big navel battle about what the heavy machine gun did to the cavalry charge in WW1. Lightweight torpedoes dropped by ASROC also common. Manned aircraft and subs a threat but not as common, and are big risk for enemy to bring into action.

    SOR: Needs not be sitting duck for multiple anti-ship missiles and/or ASROC.
    Needs to be serious threat if attacked by sub or manned aircraft.
    Needs to carry 2X Mark 57 VLS (or similar).
    Needs to be able to do "suicide mission" while giving (optional) crew excellent chance of surviving. (I wouldn't design anything I wouldn't use myself).
    Needs to do 50+knots in 90% of sea-states, to give it choice of flight or fight, or flight to the fight, when dealing with typical larger 35knot surface ships.
    Needs very long range at lower speeds.
    Under 170' and under 500tons.
    Needs to generate maximum FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in enemy.
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