SOR for a boat to be built in Philippines

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Polar Bear, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Polar Bear New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I am looking for plans to built a boat I intend to build it and used it in Philippines.

    I would appreciate if you had the time to comment this configuration.
    The Czarrina 30 from Devline

    Here is my Statement of Requirements (SOR)

    The boat is to be used to hookah dive (no diving tank aboard) while island hopping in Philippines. It would be used by a couple with the occasional visit of another couple. It should offer a living aboard autonomy of 4 to 5 days for the couple.

    I have no experience with motorboat. I have only been on sailboats and have already discarded the idea of living on one or building one for many reasons I would prefer not to review again.

    I have a little experience in boatbuilding (Jim Wharram Tiki 26) and the WEST system. I intend to hire one or two helpers and undertake the construction myself under the supervision of rxcomposite who has been kind enough to sort out previous configurations submitted to him. With my team, we will practice the stich and glue technic by building a small tender (Polliwog, by Devline) before engaging in the main project.

    When I will start the project, I will have 30 000 $ CAD (23 000 $ US) and be able to inject every month another 2 000 $ CAD (1 500 $ US). I estimate that 8 months will be necessary for the completion of the boat. That leaves me with an approximate 35 000 $ US for building the Czarrina 30 in Philippines.

    Rough passages will be avoided but the boat should be seaworthy and have a range of about 450 nautical miles. Range and fuel economy are more important than speed. The fresh water capacity will be supported by the addition of a water maker.

    The equipments’ list will include minimally, a head with holding tank, sink in the head and galley, shower, fridge, microwave, the diving compressor, water maker and power windlass.

    A separated battery bank should be planned to support a fridge/freezer, the water maker, the lights and electronic plus the electric dive compressor that could be used 2 to 3 hours before running the engine again.

    The compressor has the following specs.
     Motor: .75 HP sealed DC motor with sealed switch
     Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oilless
     Power requirement:24vdc 35 amps
     Performance:
    24v power – 3 cfm @ 50psi, max 2650 rpm
     Run time: Continuous, based on available power source
     Weight: 22 pounds
     Dimensions: 8.5″L x 13″D x 11″H

    I like the look of the Czarrina, I like its roomy interior for a 30 footer. I like the idea of having 2 engines in case one brake down during a passage. I like its fuel economy and range.

    I would like, if you please, now ear your comments about this configuration in regards to my SOR.

    Thank you in advance for your time and your thoughts.

    Polar Bear
  2. Jammer Six

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    A couple diving off a hooka means one of two choices: solo dives or no one is watching the compressor.

    Neither one is a particularly good choice. I wouldn't solo with a hooka.

    The idea of an untended compressor is a deadly non-starter plan.
  3. Polar Bear
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    Polar Bear New Member

    Thanks for your comment Jammer Six,

    I would like to underline that all commercial hookah divers (sea urchins, sea cucumbers, abalone...) dive solo. If they do and scuba divers don't, it is because it is safer to hookah dive. United States Department of Labour reports 28 commercial diving fatalities in 30 years among which many were scuba divers. I appreciate your concerns, they are legetimate but if you consider that the death toll by car accidents in United States for the same period is over 1 million, I should worry more when I take my car to go to the grocery.

    Thanks again for your concerns.

    Lets talk about boat design. I would really like to have some comments on the Devlin Czarrina 30.

    Which pros and cons do you see to the 2 engines configuration ? Is it a seaworthy design ? Do you consider that the boat meets the SOR ? Will I be able to built it within my budget ?

    It is a big decision, I would really appreciate if the members could give me some of their thoughts.


  4. Jammer Six

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    Comparing a single stage sport hookah to any commercial surface supplied operation tells me that I have no comment on your plans.

    Best of luck.
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