Something that will get Doug Lord EXCITED

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by basil, May 17, 2011.

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    That's an intersting concept, I guess triplane foil is there to control the flight level, though it will have a considerable drag penalty over a monoplane.

    The sail looks like an Omer Wing concept, the performance of which has been debated pretty extensively in this forum:

    As for Doug, I see nothing wrong in having a passion and trying to share it with the others. Then the others decide if they're interested to hear about it.

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    P28 Gonet & Cie

    Thanks, Tony. Great to know you're concerned about what excites me.
    Unfortunately, this ain't it. From a foiler perspective, Mirabaud is bigger* and likely to be faster. The "ladder" foils are not superior to a single t-foil and have been tried several times in the Moth class. Twin rudders looks like just twice the wetted surface of Mirabauds rudder. The buoyancy pods are significantly heavier than the same ones on Mirabaud. From a handicapping perspective I'd bet Mirabaud has it there too: the new foiler is obviously a trimaran where Mirabaud is a monohull. Be interesting to see the two of them slug it out! With the amas ,I'd imagine it would be easier to keep the new boat upright-the pods on Mirabaud are small and inflatable -like a Moth.
    Mirabaud 2011 thread:
    Basil, please let me know if you spot any other foilers-I appreciate it. Very thoughtful. Especially in a day and age where more and more boats of every kind are using foils for lift-with multihulls leading with the fastest boats on the planet. Followed by more and more monohulls experimenting with lifting foils. So keep your eyes open, please.
    The aerodynamics of the hull platform on the new boat are far superior to Mirabaud but Jundts next boat will remedy that situation.

    More on the "P28 Gonet and Cie": (google translation)

    Building a foiler can both lay claim to speed records and challenge the competition in configuration regattas on Lake Geneva: the ambition of P28 "Gonet & Cie". Boat "flying" as much as boat operational Archimedean condition, it seeks to contribute to exciting developments including the "laboratory" Geneva is the theater.
    Owners and sailing, architects and builders working some for nearly three years on an exciting project, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit-trailblazer in the service of sport performance and fun to navigate.

    While the different elements of the vessel are currently under construction, they will be assembled during the summer for a launch scheduled for late August / early September 2011.

    * this is an error: The P28 has a 28' hull and Mirabaud has a 27.8' hull but the P28 is 37' overall vs 32.8 for Mirabaud. However, the new boat is projected to weigh
    320kg's(704lb) w/o crew and Mirabaud weighs 170kg's w/o crew(374lb.)

    pictures-Swiss foiler on SA, Swiss foiler Mirabaud

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    Your reply was, as usual very very complete and your knowledgable on the subject is obvious.
    The anticipated response failed. I was expecting you to blow "raspberries" or something similar.

    Good on you for taking it in the spirit it was intended. And yes if I do see something that I believe you may not have spotted (unlikely) I'll let you know.
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