Someone Cut Off My Transom !! (Intrepid 339 WA)

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by ChrisN67, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Hey Folks. I have been boating for years but have not had much opportunity over the last 5 years as I have been stationed in Kuwait as a US Contractor. I had been eyeing and Intrepid in the marina for several years and recently it came up for sale for short money so I picked it up. Well I though it was short money but the long end was attached. The boat run 50knts at 3100 and seemed like it was seaworthy during a very short trial.

    The boat was configured originally with an outboard bucket. The transome was cut off and extended 18" to accomodate 2 Yanmar 6LY2A's (440bhp), 2 speed ZF transmission, surface drives and 19" rolla props.

    I started to take things apart to find out that this boat had been poorly maintained and had some engine and drivetrain issues despite extremely low hours (under 200). I have corrected the drivetrain issues only to find (on engine removal) that the extension had been poorly done.

    I need to rip old stringers out and put new stringers in.

    Any ideas on material and lamination schedules?
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    You would need to get some Marine Grade Plywood, Douglas-fir or Western Larch are what you would need.

    You can do a search of the forums for stringers and that may give you an idea of how to proceed.
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    fleetwing sea salt

    Although I had given you some of the best resources in person about lamination schedules , you have been still fishing, the lamination schedule I gave you was for a Hatteras 50 foot engine stringers, yet you still chose to second guess, even after I had toy call the folks at new England boat works just so you could see.... I bet you still have not done the boat , because of your indecisiveness
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